Politics4Her’s strategy is built upon 5 pillars 

  1. Leadership

Women play an important role in our societies, as they are great catalyzers of change. Women are powerful leaders in their communities and influential changemakers. Yet, women still face barriers and are under-represented in decision-making positions in politics, civil society, and communities. Politics4Her works to support women’s leadership by internalizing a leadership identity and developing a sense of purpose in young girls. Politics4Her helps develop effective women leadership by developing a sense of purpose. By providing young women with comprehensive online training, Politics4Her allows these women to look beyond the status quo to what is possible and gives them a compelling reason to take action despite stereotypes, discrimination, insecurities, and gender bias.

  1. Empowerment (women, youth, minorities)

Politics4Her aims at empowering youth, women, people with disabilities, refugees, people from the LGBTQI+ community and people with different socioeconomic backgrounds. Politics4Her helps women, youth and minorities through honing their skills and providing them with opportunities, the skills and knowledge they need to thrive and be agents for change. By investing in young people, Politics4Her advances youth rights and works to transform youth potential into a powerhouse of innovation, opportunity, and social change.

  1. Digital Advocacy

Politics4Her promotes the inclusive participation of young women and girls in politics, gender equality, gender parity, and human rights through raising awareness and advocating for change. Politics4Her, through its social media, addresses to advance gender equality, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs); and to put an end to discrimination, stereotypes and barriers that hinder the advancement of the SDGs. 

  1. Policy Dialogue

Politics4Her works to broaden dialogue and to bring international human rights into practice through advising policymakers and states by bringing international  best ideas to policymakers. Politics4Her strives to contribute to a more equitably governed world by democratizing national laws and legislations. 

  1. Global Community

Politics4Her works on implementing programs and providing training to young people in particular young women and girls in different fields through capacity building. Politics4Her focuses on the global south through creating an inclusive community with different languages and feminist realities.

2022-2026 Strategic Framework

Over the next four years, Politics4Her will keep fighting for gender equality and women’s access to politics, leadership positions and healthcare, supporting advocacy efforts and leading for change and a more equal world. Politics4Her believes in the potential women have and their ability to lead for change and equity. Therefore, Politics4Her puts women at the forefront of its agenda. Poilitics4Her’s framework is based on an intersectional vision highlighting the intersectionality of identity markers that might lead to a complex combination of oppression.

Politics4Her is Focused on Five Goals

  1. Strengthening the advocacy capacity of young changemakers
  2. Leading policy changes to advance gender equality (education, health, economic, political and social inclusion) 
  3. Raising awareness and increased advocacy for gender equality
  4. Launching community-based programs to advance gender equality
  5. Creating a strong network to advance gender equality


Women have access to healthcare and SRHR and are integrated in economics, civil society and politics.


  1. Improved national and global policies and advanced gender equality
  2. Improved global and national policies
  3. A strong network calling for gender equality
  4. Effective and evidence-based advocacy
  5. Strengthened ties with decision-makers
  6. Strengthened partnerships for collective action on gender equality

Politics4Her is Led by Five Principles

  1. The activities conducted are human rights-based
  2. Intersectionality is the basis of all our activities
  3. Support young changemakers 
  4. Lead policy change 
  5. Open dialogue between communities and policymakers

To succeed in reaching our targets, Politics4Her will invest in women, youth and changemakers to make tangible change.