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           Politics4Her is a personal blog with ambassadors and guest writers.  It is an initiative of providing women the opportunity to break stereotypes, grow more informed, and encourage active participation in civil society. Its name, Politics4her, emphasizing the importance of women to understand that politics do include her and does not need to be dominated by men, and here is a platform to take the first steps towards that.

             Most importantly, it is an opportunity to empower women, because women’s participation is a must to acquire development. It takes small actions to make a great impact. It only requires discipline and perseverance. Today, we should all be allowed, and able, to raise our voices, promote our ideas and share our vision. Mostly, we should listen to each other. In our world, a single individual is able to change the course of things. Anyone can be an active participant rather than a passive observer. In addition, social platforms over time have only shown their powerful influence, especially after the Arab Spring.

        The main thematics Politics4Her deals with are International Affairs, International Law, Political Science, Diplomacy, History, Gender Issues, some interesting news, facts, and profiles, as well as personal experiences. There are publications about politics of yesterday, today and tomorrow.