We welcome contributions to this blog on issues concerning international affairs, international law, political science, diplomacy, and feminism.

  • Who can contribute?

We welcome contributions from students, academics, and practitioners at all levels.

We particularly welcome submissions from young women and girls from the Global South, marginalized communities LGBTQIA+ youth, and displaced young people.  We aim to publish these posts quickly and will share them on social media and through our newsletter. 

  • How to contribute

Send the title and a draft version of your post to 

Please also let us know who you are (include a short bio and professional headshot) and why you are submitting an article on this issue.

  • Submission guidelines
  1. Articles can be anything from 500 to 3000 words;
  2. Add hyperlinks to relevant sources and background information;
  3. Add a short list of references in the end if necessary (footnotes can only be included in exceptional circumstances);
  4. If including a photo or image, ensure you have permission to use it. If not quote the source. 
  5. Please write in an accessible way, particularly considering this is a multidisciplinary blog.
  6. We can in some cases consider posting pieces that have previously been published elsewhere, however, this would require the author to liaise with the original publisher to obtain permission.
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