Peru President Resigned After Protesters Were Killed

The republic of Peru, in South America has experienced changes.

Martin Vizcarra was one of the most popular presidents of his generation. Peru’s Congress shocked many by voting Monday to remove him from office. People gathered to protest about it, two people have died in clashes in Peru’s capital Lima between police and protesters angry at the impeachment of President Martín Vizcarra.

Manuel Merino, former speaker of Congress replaced President Martin Vizcarra. Politicians had called for Mr Merino’s resignation after the crackdown on demonstrations against him. Twelve ministers from his recently appointed cabinet resigned earlier. So, the president Merino has resigned less than week into his new administration.

In less than a week Peru gets a third president, Congressman Francisco Sagasti, a 76-year-old engineer and academic, will lead the country until the presidential election next year. He was elected leader after securing the minimum 60 votes required.

So far, Peru has reported nearly 935,000 COVID-19 infections and more than 35,000 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins, University – making it the country with the third highest rate of deaths per 100,000 people in the world. Mr Sagasti will be sworn in later on Tuesday. The newly appointed interim president said his main task would be to ensure that general elections scheduled for April 2021 go ahead as planned the world. He struck a conciliatory note in his first interviews, saying that he would lead an inclusive cabinet which could continue to fight against corruption. He visited some of the protesters who were injured in clashes with the police in hospital and paid tribute to the two students who were killed. “Today is not a day of celebration because we have seen the death of two young people,” he said. “We cannot bring them back to life but from the Congress and the executive we can take actions so that this does not happen again,” he added.

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