Peaceful Protesters Against Police Brutality Killed in Nigeria

According to Amnesty International, twelve people died in the repression of a peaceful march in Lagos yesterday evening. The international community is strongly condemning these barbaric acts, coming together on social media to speak up against police brutality, which seems to have no borders.

For nearly two weeks, thousands of young people have been pounding the pavement in big cities of Nigeria, which is the most populous country in Africa and considered as the continent’s leading economic power. The youth is peacefully protesting against the central power. Even United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres called for on end to police brutality and abuse in Nigeria.

It all started on October 3rd, as a video posted to social media shows officers from the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), a controversial police unit, shooting a man. The video went viral, prompting the testimony of thousands of Internet users about police violence. In a few days, the hashtag #EndSARS became one of the most shared in the world on Twitter, thanks to the support from celebrities and the international community.

SARS is racketeering the population, having illegal arrests, torturing and even murdering young people who appeared to be well dressed, having an iPhone or even a computer according to many of our fellow Nigerians. We stand in solidarity with the Nigerian youth, who is doing nothing wrong but asking to live freely and in dignity, without fearing for their lives every single day. We strongly condemn SARS and our wish is that it gets abolished. 

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