Saad Lamjarred’s Concert Cancelled in Cairo After Social Media Boycott

Moroccan singer Saad Lamjarred will not perform in Cairo. The cancellation of his show came after  controversy on social media, where Egyptians denounced his planned performance under the hashtag #مش_عايزين_لمجرد_فى_مصر

Egyptians came forward as he is still accused of rape in different countries from several women. Other local artists also participated in the boycott campaign. Despite the controversy, the singer who is currently in Morocco has posted a picture on Instagram smiling to the camera as a response. 

Firstly, we would like to salute the effort of Egyptian citizens for organizing an entire campaign to boycott his show and therefore reject his welcoming. One in every three women is victim of violence in her lifetime. We should always stand with our sisters and believe their story. This man is a recidivist rapist, and seeing so many women defending him based on futile arguments, is absolutely disgraceful. It is time to end rape culture and victim blaming. Many cases of rape remain unreported, from those that are, very few actually get to trial, and even less are jailed. 

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