Explosions in Beirut, Lebanon

      There were two strong explosions sounded in the port area of ​​Beirut in Lebanon. The tragedy left many dead and injured. A first assessment, communicated by the Lebanese Ministry of Health reported at least 27 dead and at least 2,500 injured.⁣

Although we don’t know the nature of this attack I have a question in mind. When will the Middle East be living in peace? Conflicts have destroyed this region, with beautiful heritage, culture, monuments and people. War-torn countries in the area can’t even battle coronavirus. Add this to it now.

For decades now, our brothers and sisters die every day because of violence, repression, terrorism, authoritarian regimes, western hegemony. There will be no peace until the Middle East gets free from injustices. There will be no justice until countless civilians deaths come to an end.⁣

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