Domestic Violence Dramatically Increases

            According to UN Women the combination of economic and social tensions caused by the global pandemic, as well as social distancing measures, has dramatically increased the number of women and girls who are victims of abuse everywhere. Even before COVID-19 era, statistics have shown that worldwide, one-third of women had experienced a form of violence throughout their lives.

          Unlike general ideas, domestic violence affects both developed and developing countries: nearly a quarter of female students reported experiencing sexual assault or inappropriate behavior in the United States, while violence in parts of sub-Saharan Africa between partners is a reality for 65% of women. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are various disturbing consequences of domestic violence on the physical, sexual, reproductive, and mental health of women.

           Women who experience any form of violence are twice as likely to have an abortion or fall into depression. In some areas, they are more likely to contract HIV, and there is evidence that women who are sexually assaulted are 2.3 times more likely to suffer from alcohol-related disorders. In 2017, about 87,000 women were intentionally killed, and more than half by family members. Violence against women is a cause of death greater than traffic accidents and malaria combined.

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