World on Lockdown, Wars Not Exempted

         While the entire world is on lockdown, wars are not exempted. Many conflicts are amplified right in the midst of a global pandemic. In Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen, or even Palestine, COVID-19 is adding to a pile of a long-lasting humanitarian crisis. Although the United Nations has called for a cease-fire on an international level to slow the spread of the deadly virus in war-torn countries; not much has been applied, quite the opposite. As of today, the arms race is more intense than ever as global military expenses have just reached the highest level since the Cold War.

         In Syria, the authoritarian regime and its Russian ally are still clashing jihadist and rebel groups. As of Libya, it is torn apart by a struggle of power between political parties, parliament, and government. On Sunday, the Taliban refused to implement a humanitarian cease-fire in Afghanistan. On that same day, Separatists in Southern Yemen declared autonomy after the collapse of a peace deal with the government. Finally, since 1967 (one of the longest conflict to date), the West Bank has been illegally occupied by Israel under International Law. Last week, following months of political crisis, the country embarked on the path of a united government, including the « sovereignty » of Israel.

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