The US vs. Morocco in Handling COVID-19

            Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in the US, President Trump has been handling the crisis in its own way. Although he is accusing democrats to politicize the epidemic as soon as critics are made towards his administration, the reality is that today there are up to 50,000 deaths in the most hegemonic country in the world. The crisis is real as more than 22 million people have filed for unemployment. First, he called the virus a hoax saying everything was under control and even compared it to the seasonal flu. He first decided to close borders for 30 days. Then he allowed a one time stipend to American citizens (of $1,200 and only for the head of household). He has been attacking journalists in press conferences, governors, and Democrats on social media platforms while people are suffering, especially vulnerable communities that are the most affected by this crisis. Oh and he also cut funding to the World Health Organization. He also decided to ban immigration for 60 days to ensure that American citizens will get their jobs first. And today, he suggested injecting disinfectants in the human body to destroy the virus.

        In the meantime, King Mohammed VI in Morocco has been a perfect example of leadership while handling this international crisis. Even though Morocco is far from being the most powerful country in the world, His Majesty has been taking drastic measures to stop the spread of COVID-19. He also dedicated a special fund to the pandemic. All the schools, universities, colleges, and businesses were closed at an early stage with a mandatory quarantine for everyone, with no exception. Adding to that, millions of masks are being produced every day, sold at a very low price, as well as temporary hospitals being set.

        Sometimes it is just about putting people first.

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