Syrian Refugees at the Doors of Europe

            On February 27, Turkey announced that it will no longer prevent refugees from attempting to cross its borders to Europe. As a matter of fact, borders have been closed since 2016. Turkey is home to 3.6 million Syrian refugees, which is more than any other country. Since December 2019, hundreds of thousand people have been fleeing Iblid’s province as the Syrian government is attacking civilians with airstrikes and bombings.

        As an inevitable consequence of Turkey’s announcement, Syrian refugees rushed to the newly reopened border posts. What they found upon arrival were armed Greek guards, tear gas, rubber bullets. Greece reacted by deploying inhuman measures going against European and International Law. Turkish President Erdogan was expected today in Brussels to discuss the migration issue with the EU leaders as the union intends to take care of 1,500 migrant children stuck on the Greek Islands to support the country.

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