Amazon Removed Books by Rape Apologist Roosh

             Roosh V., Daryush Valizadeh by his real name, is an American blogger, who has built his media presence since 2007 around advice to catch women without asking permission. He has written a dozen self-published manuals that used to be sold on Amazon. He promotes neo-masculinity, a macho concept of dominance over women. He regularly attacks feminist movements, accusing them of « declaring war on men ».

             Amazon and Youtube both took steps to drop Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh’s content after HuffPost reached out. Amazon took the rare step of removing nine of more than a dozen books written by Valizadeh from its website, including his most recent one His self-published books, detail his confessions of rape. He uses his social media platforms to promote them and published videos and lifestreams where he could ask for a donation from viewers. Roosh’s empire of hate gathered more than $60,000 a year, an amount that allowed him to publish books, the Anti-Defamation League described as how-to manuals for sexual predators.

           I can’t believe that people like that exist. A great example illustrating how social media platforms are powerful and how easy it is to attract the crowd, taking advantage of people’s stupidity, making a living out of it. All of this has helped this man promoting his misogynistic ideologies and build more hate towards women in general. There is definitely a dark side to social media and this is why we have to promote peace, love, tolerance, equality, acceptance, social justice and values that will help us achieve a better world. We can do it. 

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