Compesisters, Competitors

                            At 20, Naomi Osaka enters the history of tennis by becoming the first Japanese to win a Grand Slam tournament. The world’s 19th ranked player outclassed Serena Williams in the final on Saturday (6-2, 6-4). The final was marked by the outburst of Serena Williams, she received a first warning for “coaching”, then a second for “racket break”, as well as a penalty point after qualifying the referee as ” thief”. A decision that the American star had judged “sexist” a little later in a press conference, before receiving the support of several players. It was in a very strange atmosphere that Naomi Osaka raised the trophy and pocketed the 3.8 million dollars check. Osaka seemed almost embarrassed to win because of the turn of events. Serena Williams stood up for her by asking the public to stop whistling.

             Meanwhile, at the New York Fashion, Cardi B reportedly got into a physical altercation with Nicki Minaj at Haarper’s Bizarre’s party. According to TMZ, Cardi approached Nicki’s table aiming to resolve their issues amicably. However, after being elbowed in the face, Cardi then attempted to fight and also threw her shoe.

             While some women are supportive towards each other even if they’re adversaries, others come to hands when resolving issues. That’s so sad because we shouldn’t see each other as competitors but rather as “sisters” fighting and smashing patriarchy together

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