Israa al-Ghomgham, Death Penalty for Her Activism

               Despite the apparent desire to modernize the country through a wave of reforms, such as the right to drive or lead and exercise trades to women, those who campaign for freedom have a different fate in Saudi Arabia. Israa al-Ghomgham, a 29-year-old activist, will be executed for her commitment to individual freedoms, following the request of the prosecutor. 
            Some had announced her dead, following the spread of a viral and violent video where we see a woman being executed. She is still alive and, with four other activists, under the threat of a death sentence. According to Human Rights Watch, their whereabouts will be confirmed after a trial on October 28 at the Specialized Criminal Court of Saudi Arabia, created in 2008 to try terrorism cases but which deals mainly with the case of opponents of the regime. If the court follows the requisition of the prosecutor, it is King Salman who will then have their fate in their hands.
              Israa has been jailed along with her husband Moussa Al-Hashem since 2015 and without a lawyer. She could become the first woman to be decapitated for militancy. 

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