Battle of Idlib Approaching in Syria?


                 In Syria, the Battle of Idlib seems to be approaching. The fate of the Syrian rebels and 3 million civilians depends on negotiations between Turkey and Russia, as the latter supports the regime of Bashar Al-Assad. “A new humanitarian tragedy is looming in Syria,” warned Emmanuel Macron on August 27 in his annual speech to the ambassadors in Paris. The threat of an offensive hovers over the province of Idlib. This vast insurgent area in northwestern Syria is now among the priorities of the Damascus regime. By seizing it, the regime will with no doubt sign the defeat of the Syrian rebellion. Jihadist groups and rebel groups make this region an anti-Assad enclave under Turkish influence, where the control of this region is shared. Negotiations have intensified in recent weeks between Ankara and Moscow. These dealings could seal the fate of the region of Idlib which is bordering Turkey and eventually plunge it into the war. As mentioned earlier, nearly 3 million Syrians live in Idlib, half of whom are displaced along with anti-regime fighters. A total offensive could provoke a humanitarian disaster. 

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