Morocco Makes Military Service Mandatory Again


                 The Moroccan government decided on August 20, to reinstate mandatory one-year military service for all men and women between the ages of 19 and 25. The reinstatement of conscription, 12 years after its abolition, aims, in particular, to improve “integration into the professional and social life” of young people, according to the statement issued by the Royal Palace. This measure was announced at the same time as an education reform which provides schooling for children from the age of 4 and makes compulsory education up to 16 instead of 15 as for now, with a new pedagogical model that should be more efficient.
                  Compulsory military service was abolished in Morocco at the end of August 2006. It lasted 12 months and concerned men aged 20 to 35 and was open on a voluntary basis to young girls aged between 20 and 27, single and with no children. Provisional or definitive exemptions may be granted for certain reasons, including physical or health unfitness and further education. “Persons over the age of 25, who have been exempted or exempted, may be called up to perform military service until the age of 40, if the reason for exemption or exemption ceases”, details the text of law. 
                 I personally don’t know how to feel about this. I find it a bit sexist as when it comes to others law, women are still unequal. This is selective sexism. Although it might be a great initiative for many, Morocco should switch its priorities to education and health for example. Maybe it would be better to educate boys and men on how to treat women fairly, how to not rape, how to respect them as much as they should respect their mothers, sisters, cousins or aunts. Maybe it would be better to educate girls and women on how free they should be, how they deserve equal rights and opportunities, how they are allowed to have a stand on all issues. Morocco should switch its priorities to free women from all the struggles they have been victims of. We should be equal in marriage, in heritage, in mentalities, in all aspects of social, political and economic life. 

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