Fear in Managua, Indifference in the World

                     In Managua, reigns fear on a torn city. After three months of repression, President Daniel Ortega has terrorized students, activists, journalists and civilians, who continue to demonstrate. Since mid-April, thousands of Nicaraguans have been mobilizing across the country. They demand the resignation of Sandinista president Daniel Ortega. The demonstrations are brutally repressed. In two and a half months, hundreds of people have been killed in clashes with police and paramilitary groups, on which the government relies. Some are still missing. A Social Security reform, increasing pension contributions while reducing pensions, set fire to the powders.

              Nicaraguans are determined to hunt Daniel Ortega, fraudulently re-elected as head of the country and whose regime has gradually concentrated all powers. His wife is also the vice-president. Nicaraguans are just asking for justice after the death of all the victims of repression. Their basic rights are being denied. The current situation in Central America is not getting any better. This could be the next huge migration crisis. More than 17,000 Nicaraguans have applied for asylum in Costa Rica only. The international community must react, just by spreading the word about the situation is helpful. Please, help Nicaragua! 

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