Stop to Gender-Based Violence


               In Brazil, a video was released by national TV here you see a 29-year-old young woman, Tatiane Spitzner, a victim of violence by her husband. She was found dead a few minutes after the events were caught in camera. The images, which date from July 22, show the man hitting his wife in a car, and then chasing her into the parking lot of their residence. While in the elevator, she tries to escape, her husband forcibly retains her and continues to beat her. 
                 A few minutes after these images, surveillance cameras film the fall of her body on the sidewalk of the building. We then see her husband coming to get the body, carrying it in the elevator before bringing back the dead body of his wife in their apartment. After changing his clothes, he then returns to the elevator to clean the bloodstains, while the police arrive at the scene of the tragedy. Mr. Manvailer then fled with his car before being caught. While the prosecutor’s office announced the opening of an investigation, the man denies killing his wife and claims that she committed suicide by throwing herself off the balcony.
              The spread of these images has revived the debate on violence against women in Brazil. While in 2015 a law was adopted recognizing femicide and increasing penalties for killers, the government estimates that a woman dies every ninety minutes in the country and that five women are beaten every two minutes. The rate of femicide is 4.8 per 100,000, the fifth highest rate in the world.

Link of the video ➡️

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