Cultural Center Demolished in Gaza

On August 9, Israeli warplanes bombed the Said Al-Meshal Cultural Center in central Gaza City. The building housed a theater, a library and the office of the Egyptian community in Gaza. The spokesman of the Egyptian community, Hazem Qassem, said in a statement that the bombing is a barbaric and backward behavior, which is a war with fire and gunpowder against culture. He added that « the destruction of this center, is an Israeli attempt to sabotage Egyptian efforts in Gaza and to confirm that the occupation is an enemy of all the components of the Arab nation ». For weeks, Hamas has been discussing with Egypt and the United Nations the proposal for Palestinian reconciliation, the ceasefire and the implementation of humanitarian projects in the Gaza Strip. Eighteen Palestinians were injured when the Israeli airstrike aimed at the building of the Said Al-Hashal Cultural and Arts Foundation with ten missiles. 

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