Mexican Tourist Murdered in Costa Rica

                 Just spent the weekend in what looks like heaven. On my way back to the city, I’ve heard horrifying news. A young woman, my age, was brutally murdered. I was at the exact same place, around the same time, the night before. This young Mexican woman came to enjoy her holidays in a country that is warm, welcoming and paradisiac. Unfortunately, because she was in the wrong place, at the wrong time, her vacay turned into a very dramatic story. Along with another friend (from England) she was walking by the shore near a popular beach club. Around 3:00 am they were attacked by two men who attempted to rob them. The one from England managed to escape, looking for help. When they found her, it was already too late. These men drowned her to death. Why? For no reason just because they are criminals. They got caught up but I’m just thinking about this poor young woman, who probably had her entire life to accomplish great things, they took this from her just because they wanted to rob her or just for pleasure I don’t know and don’t want to understand why. It breaks my heart to know that she was away from home, family and friends when this happened. My prayers go to her loved ones. 

           If I’m sharing with you this story, it’s because I said to myself: “this could have been me, I was exactly at the same place, same time on a different day”. Please, be safe. I hate to say it, but we’re not safe anywhere, at any time. This shouldn’t stop us from living and enjoying our life but we have to be extra careful because we’re women and we’re seen as more vulnerable and easy targets, especially when being tourists. Always stay in big groups when traveling and try not to take risks at night. Costa Rica is an amazing country and I’ve always felt safe here. However, this is a tragedy and it can happen in any other country. I hope that measures will be taken regarding safety especially towards tourists because the night I was out, some people got their phones stolen, which also happened to me here.

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