Kuwaiti Beauty Blogger Slams Over Filipino Worker Comments

          Sondos al-Qattan is a famous Kuwaiti blogger thanks to her makeup tutorials. She recently posted a video sharing her view on some new law improving conditions of Filipinos working in Kuwait. Sondos stated that she didn’t understand how can her employee keep her passport or even have a rest day, along with other outrageous comments. Back in May, following an agreement between Kuwait and the Philippines, some new arrangements were installed in order to improve the conditions of around 260 000 Filipinos working in Kuwait. Her position raised high criticism. Many were scandalized by her offensive comments, asking brands to stop collaboration with the young woman. Not long after, many brands shared messages explaining that her views didn’t represent the brand and all collaborations will stop. Sondos was asked to apologize but didn’t do so, arguing that her position is legitimate. 

         Kuwait and the Philippines on the heels of a diplomatic crisis signed an agreement governing the work of domestic females, who are now allowed to enjoy a rest day, keeping their passports and use Manila’s authorities if necessary. Before that, on February, President Rodrigo Duterte banned Filipinos from going to work in Kuwait following the murder of a Filipino maid, whose body was found in a freezer, with strong evidence of torture. The crisis between the two countries worsened in April when the Gulf State ordered the expulsion of the Philippines’ ambassador after the broadcast of videos showing personal of the embassy helping domestic workers fleeing homes of their Kuwaiti employers, suspected of mistreating them.

         Every human being, regardless of socio-economic status, job position or whatever is sovereign and entitled to enjoy basic, fundamental and inherent human rights. What a disgrace. Some people still don’t get it. Being richer doesn’t mean that you have more rights or authority on anyone. Being richer doesn’t make you more human. Being richer won’t change the fact that everyone will end up in a grave. It seems like money and power make human beings less human. What happened to humanity? Is this modern slavery? 

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