France Won the World Cup, So Did Africa

        France won the 2018 World Cup so did Africa. Composed of many players with African roots, the team of France was massively supported by people from our continent, who are also celebrating the world champion title. A total of 10 African countries are represented in the French team: Algeria, Angola, Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Guinea, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Togo, Senegal. This is a great example of how migration/immigration can be such an amazing asset for a country. This is also a great example of how our ex-colonizers always take what they like most. When it comes to our resources or exploits, then they love us. But once we step foot in their land, not so much. Islamophobia, racism or xenophobia, those are common towards African people in France, Europe, many Western countries. First, they exploit us, impose their culture, language, but the relationship is nothing reciprocal. I hope that this will help in changing the mentality, even for a tiny bit. 

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