Zero Tolerance, Zero Humanity

      Innocent children between the ages of 2 and 10 are being separated from their families in the U.S. borders. They are immigrants, they are undocumented, but most of all they are vulnerable. These families are fleeing persecution, violence, turmoil. They no longer have a sense of home and are reaching out for help. Children are crying, calling for their parents in a recording published by the media. About 2000 children are currently being held in closed detention centers while their parents are imprisoned, waiting for their trial. Today, crossing illegally the borders makes you a criminal, apparently more than being a rapist as many remain free. These separations are the consequence of the “zero tolerance” policy adopted since April by the Minister of Justice. Children are detained in cages. This is 2018, this is America. What happened to humanity? This is heartbreaking, upsetting, dehumanizing. 

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