USA – Canada – Mexico Appointed to Host 2026 World Cup

       On June 13, USA – Canada – Mexico trio was appointed by FIFA to host the World Cup of 2026. Delegates from FIFA member countries had to choose between the imposing candidacy of the North American trio and that of Morocco. The trio has now eight years to prepare for organizing the first World Cup to 48 teams. A choice at the expense of Morocco which did not have the favor of the 203 voting members of FIFA, gathered in Moscow’s Congress. The trio United States – Canada – Mexico won 134 votes out of 203 voters. Morocco has already been an unhappy candidate four times (1994, 1998, 2006 and 2010). The Kingdom believed until the end in its chances of becoming the second country on the African continent, after South Africa in 2010, to host one of the most important events on the planet. Morocco had the support of many European countries (France) and African countries. It relied on other assets to make a difference, other than purely financial such as the passion and fervor around football in the country or again the strategic geographic location. 

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