Historical Summit in Singapore

        On June 12, a page of History was written in Singapore. Kim Jong-un and Donal Trump walked towards each other before shaking hands for a long time. The two Heads of States shook hands with a background covered of North Korean and U.S. flags. While they were exchanging insults less than a year ago, the U.S. president even evoked the hypothesis of North Korea total destruction in case of aggression against the U.S. or even one of its allies, this is a first. This is the first time leaders from both countries meet to pursue negotiations after a very tense climax for several decades. The meeting was held between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump for 40 minutes, only with interpreters present. This event is just the first stage of what would probably be complicated negotiations. We hope that it will determine the future of nuclear weapons and make an end to an everlasting threat, from both sides. 

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