Iraqi Asylum Seeker Suspected in Rape and Murder of German Teenage Girl

          Susanna F., a 14-year-old Jewish girl’s body was found on June 6, near a railway line two weeks after her disappearance. However, there is no clear evidence that the crime was related to her confession. The girl was apparently raped before being murdered and the identity of the main suspect and the manner in which he has managed to escape the police remain unclear. The extreme right-wing party in Germany blames the authorities for letting an Iraqi suspect leave the country. Ali Bashar, the Iraqi suspect arrived in Germany in October 2015. His asylum application was rejected in December 2016. On 2 June, eleven days after Susanna’s disappearance, the young man left Germany with his family for Iraq. The extreme right-wing party is using this example as a way to make frontiers in Germany much more hermetic, making it easier to deport migrants and refugees. Some Jews in Germany have expressed concern about a rise in anti-Jewish feeling due to the increase of Muslim migrants in the country.

        Instead of focusing on the nature of the crime, political parties and religious communities are taking “advantage” of the situation to blame Muslim migrants and refugees. They are missing the point. Rape has no religion, no culture, no ethnicity, no language. It occurs in every corner of the globe on a daily basis and is perpetrated by individuals from any social-economic background, status, citizenship, or religion. Rest in Peace Susanna, hopefully justice will be served and no amalgams will be made towards Muslims or migrants and refugees in general. Why is coexistence so hard to achieve?

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