Migrant & Refugee Crisis in Europe

       Since 2014, Europe has been facing an unanticipated refugee and migration crisis. Yesterday, June 5, all Ministers of 28 EU countries have met in Luxembourg to discuss political, economic and social issues related to the refugee and migrant crisis. The meeting has confirmed what we all feared. Europe remains unable to find a common agreement on this major issue. The debate never ends to ravage the political landscape of European democracies. After the rise of populism in Italy, Belgium, and Austria, Slovenia succumbed to anti-immigration policies, with the support of Hungarian Prime Minister. An anti-immigration party is expected to be part of the next government. Europe is divided. Some countries were just recently open to the free movement of people and are opposed to the idea of having a ‘quotas’ imposed on them. Other countries believe in solidarity while those at the borders with the Mediterranean, in which the vast majority of migrants arrive, wish to avoid being the final destination for refugees and migrants. These failures are leading Europe to an inevitable disaster. Two priorities seem to be established: offer asylum to those in need, and to deter migrants from risking their lives to come to Europe.

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