Palestine Mourns Razan Al-Najjar

        Razan Al-Najjar was a nurse. She was only 21. Razan was one of the volunteers who risked her life every day to save other people’s lives. She was intervening in the borders near the fence separating Gaza from Israel, when she got shot on June 1st, by an Israeli sniper. International Law protects paramedics, however, it didn’t stop Israeli soldiers to excessively use force. Razan Al-Najjar was trying to save protestors when she was shot. A risk she was taking every single day for her people. Unfortunately, her mission came to an end when she got unfairly killed. Thousands of people attended Razan’s funerals. Since March 30, more than 120 people were killed and 3500 were injured as people started protesting after the blocus imposed in Gaza. 

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