Netanyahu: « Iran Lied »

         On April 30, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu stated on national television that Israel has « conclusive evidence » of a « secret » plan that Iran could activate at any time to get possession of an atomic bomb. Thirteen days before the US decision whether or not to withdraw from the agreement signed in 2015 with Tehran, some Europeans countries made it clear on May 1, that this information did not seem to justify calling into question of the agreement.

         The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said it was ready to review all relevant information it receives about compliance with this agreement. IAEA also reiterated that it has no credible indication of development-related activities in Iran of a nuclear machine after 2009. In accusing Tehran of lying about its nuclear program, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is trying to convince Trump to withdraw from the agreement, against the advice of France, Germany and the United Kingdom

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