Tunisia and the Debate on Equality

             In Tunisia, the debate on equality between men and women in inheritance takes hold. Two thousand people demonstrated on March 10 in Tunis, in order to demand the end of the “injustice” imposing the unequal inheritance between men and women. “Equality! “,” Equality! “. The slogan was everywhere. About 2,000 people marched to end discrimination against women in inheritance. Tunisia’s women’s rights have seen more massive protests than this one, especially when the Islamists Ennahda were in power (late 2011-early 2014). This was a historic event as it was the first time that a demonstration was specifically organized against inequality in inheritance. This topic is eminently sensitive because inheritance is inscribed in Tunisian traditions.

           According to Tunisian law, and following the interpretation of the Qur’an, a woman inherits only half of what a man inherits. In Morocco, we have the exact same issue although our 2011 Constitution affirms the principle of gender equality in its preamble and in Article 19. Still, gender inequality remains as one of the biggest issues in our society and many barriers are not allowing women’s liberation. Hopefully, Morocco will follow Tunisia’s lead and we will be able to access the same rights as men possess, and this, in all matters. 

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