Scandal of Corruption in South Korea

               Park Geun-hye is accused of having accepted or been promised bribes for a total of 44.8 million euros from three South Korea conglomerates. The South Korean prosecutor’s office has demanded yesterday a sentence of 30 years of imprisonment. Park Geun-hye was President of South Korea (2013-2017) and is currently appearing for corruption and abuse of power. The dismissal of Mrs. Park was confirmed in March 2017 by the highest court in the country after the huge scandal she has been at the heart of. She has been in custody for almost a year.

          This is the example of a proficient judicial system as no matter who you are, head of state or not, you are not excused. The law prevails over your statute. It is a shame that the first woman to be elected President in both South Korea and East Asia ends up being a real disappointment. But I guess that politics are still a domain ruled by “sharks” who only seek money, power, and fame. Politics should be a way of representing the people and fulfilling their demands. As Machiavelli said, “The end justifies the means”. Ending up on a positive note, congratulations South Korea for serving justice! I still have hope that we, as future generations, we will change the game and make politics a non-corrupted milieu, and promote social justice.

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