Tariq Ramadan, Your Time Is Up

         After forty-eight hours in custody, Paris’ Prosecutor demanded the indictment of Tariq Ramadan. The Theologian is accused of rape and he is now placed in pre-trial detention. For three months, the judicial police investigated methodically and without letting any information escape. Then, it was decided to hear the Swiss theologian of 55 years, who has for a long time disposed of a huge audience among hundreds of thousands of European Muslims. Two complaints of rape were received against Tariq Ramadan. One was filed on October 20, 2017, by Henda Ayari, a former Salafist who became a militant of secularism, and the other on October 27 by a woman who preferred to remain anonymous. Following these testimonials, the police gathered stories of other women. All women described the same form of control and violence. 

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