Pray for Afghanistan, Pray for Peace

           In Afghanistan, there were three major attacks in 7 days. What a sad start for 2018. In total, more than a 100 people were killed and around 235 were wounded. The Taliban blew up an ambulance packed with explosives on a busy street in Kabul. Few days before, the Taliban also attacked Kabul’s Intercontinental hotel killing more than 20 people. ISIS stormed an office of Save the Children, killing five people and injuring a dozen. The latest attack happened just a day after the U.S. sanctioned four Taliban and two Haqqani network leaders. The U.S. was supposed to get out of Afghanistan as before Donald Trump came into office he argued being against the U.S. war in Afghanistan. He ended up sending more troops and increasing air strikes. His new strategy is supposedly putting pressure on the Taliban. On average 10 civilians were killed every day in the last months of 2017. 

Picture: The scene of a bomb blast in central Kabul, Afghanistan, on Saturday.

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