Amena Khan Pulls Out L’Oréal Campaign

           On January 18, the British model Amena Khan was chosen by the L’Oréal group to be part of a shampoo advertising campaign in the United Kingdom. It was the first time that the French cosmetics giant included a veiled woman for its shampoos Elsève. This effort aimed at promoting cultural diversity, however, it seems that it didn’t last long. On January 22, Amena decided to pull out. The cause of this sudden renunciation? Old posts published in 2014 on Amena Khan’s Twitter account denouncing Israeli politics. The messages have since been deleted but many users continue to relay screenshots of these tweets. This is not the first time that an advertising campaign to promote diversity by L’Oréal is running out because of controversial statements on social networks. Last summer, still in the UK, the cosmetics group had to separate itself from a black and transgender supermodel, Munroe Bergdorf, after the revelation by the media of former controversial statements accusing white people of racial violence.


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