12/18: Happy International Migrants Day! 

            Migration is an unavoidable reality. There are many reasons for people to migrate from a country to another. A migrant is a person who makes a conscious decision to leave their country in order to find a better place for living. This can either be the consequence of war like one being active in Syria or economic plight. The second example is known as an economic migrant or a person who emigrates from one region to another seeking life improvement or new job opportunities. A line has to be drawn out between a migrant and refugees who are forced to leave their country because they are at risk or have experienced persecution. Many of them risk their lives searching for a safe place to live in. The European migrant crisis began in 2015 when a rising number of refugees made the journey to the European Union to seek asylum. Many refugees and migrants died while trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea. Today, we are facing the worst migrant crisis since WWII. 



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