Women & Peacekeeping Missions 

          « There is no great force for change, for peace, for justice and democracy, for inclusive economic growth than a world of empowered women. » (Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka). To this day, there is no country that has reached gender equality. Women have been fighting for their rights for decades because of the constant abuses made against them. Nowadays, women still suffer and are not equally represented as men are. It is firmly believed that including more women to social, political and economic dimension is a path towards gender equality and therefore peace. There will be no peace without equality between the sexes. In this new world order, intrastate wars that play out in failed states recur for at least three reasons. One of them is the absence of women and gender from the conflict analysis and implementation of peacebuilding interventions into those conflicts. As a matter of fact, implementing gender mainstream policies as well as deploying more women in peacekeeping missions, will improve gender equality.

Picture: Female @uncivpol officers of the Indian🇮🇳 contingent’s Formed Police Unit serving at the UN Mission in Liberia🇱🇷 (UNMIL) participate at a medal parade in their honor. 1,587 military, police and civilian personnel from 41 countries currently serve at the Mission, the majority of them being from Nigeria🇳🇬, Ukraine🇺🇦, Pakistan🇵🇰 and China🇨🇳, the top UN troop contributing countries for Liberia. | Photo: Christopher Hedwig (www.instagram.com/unpeacekeeping)

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