9/11, « War on Terror » & Islamophobia

               The 9/11 attacks and the discourse of “War on Terror”, provoked a New World Order and as a consequence an invisible war between Islam and Western World was engendered. Adding to this, the hegemony of Western countries in the Middle East or even Africa has envenomed International Relations. Immediately after the 9/11 attacks, the system of alliances was activated by Bush’s speech while referencing to NATO’s most inalienable Article 5. The “Us” vs. “Them” dichotomy was even more emphasised during Obama’s administration, which has kept on using the same foreign policies (if not worse) of his predecessor.   

           Today, the future is blurry regarding Muslim communities trying to live in foreign countries. These factors all led to the rise of Islamophobia but not only. The influence of media in transforming the religious understanding of the Islamic religion or by the propagation of doctrines interpreted by radical groups, has contributed to increasing fear and hatred towards Muslims. The discourse of “War on Terror” has produced a linking between Terrorism and Islam, as people at that time related both terms genuinely. Debates since 9/11 have manufactured the reality and built the structures through which the world now perceives war, terrorism and Islam.


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