10 Facts About the UN

     Happy United Nations Day!

         The United Nations is an international organisation founded in 1945 after WWII and replaced the League of Nations. Its first and main goal was to maintain international peace and security, and avoid war between states. Today, 193 nations are member states. The principal objectives are to facilitate cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress, human rights and of course, world peace. Although many criticisms could be made towards this organisation, it has been successful in many aspects.

         As a matter of fact, you could criticise the United Nations for being western centric because of the P5 and their veto power (United States of America, United Kingdom, Russia, France and China). Indeed, many states are not respecting international treaties they have ratified because of their hegemony. Another criticism relies on the fact that the UN is more theory than practice. You could also claim that there is still a long path to world peace. Many conflicts and wars are ongoing, which makes its main role questioned. On the top of that, children, women and men are suffering from famine, curable diseases and persecution. As a whole, individuals are dying on a daily basis because of human actions. Last but not least, gender equality has still not been reached by any country.  

           However, let us be positive and look at the bright side. The United Nations has accomplished constant progress in many fields.  On this day, October 24, let us celebrate what the institution has been doing instead of what it has not been doing.

Here are ten positive facts about the UN:


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All pictures and information are extracted from various United Nations official websites.

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